Keith Taylor MEP calls on EU countries to tackle unfair transport competition

MEPs are calling on national parliaments and the EU Commission to do more to improve the transport industry across the EU, after members of the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism committee adopted important changes put forward by UK Green MEP, Keith Taylor.

The transport campaigner and South East MEP tabled amendments to the committee’s recommendations on EU competition policy to outline the need to establish a level playing field in the transport and tourism sectors.

Calls to improve social conditions for workers, ensure the markets deliver environmental, consumer, industry and business benefits while, at the same time, ensuring EU laws are properly implemented and enforced, were among the suggestions passed by the committee on Thursday (10 November).

Keith also highlighted the need for a fairer and more balanced taxation policy and harmonised rules on passenger rights and exposed the increasing tendency for the road haulage industry to misapply employment, safety and environmental laws.

Keith explained:

“These recommendations are a tentative step in the right direction as we fight against unfair competition in the transport sector. I am, however, disappointed there was no explicit mention of the environmental factors that need to be taken into consideration when regulating the internal transport market. We must respect the Paris climate agreement, enact the polluter pays principle and acknowledge the need for decarbonisation.”

“The only way to create a level playing field and eliminate unfair competition is to ensure the true costs of transport are taken into consideration: greenhouse gas emissions, health risks and safety implications cannot be left out of the equation.”

“Currently, these costs are not adequately accounted for in transport policies across Europe. The aviation sector, for example, is a top-10 global carbon polluter, yet the industry receives eye-wateringly huge subsidies from taxpayers. Aviation should be subject to fair taxation and must be fully covered by an effective and binding market-based mechanism.”

Greens in the European Parliament are committed to shining a light on unfairness and injustice, and ensuring social and environmental safeguards are not sacrificed on the altar of unsustainable economic growth.