Green MEP supports ‘Leith Hill celebration walk’ protest against drilling in Dorking

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for South East England and a member of the European Parliament’s Environment committee, has today issued a statement in support of the ‘Leith Hill celebration walk to save Leith Hill‘ – a peaceful protest against oil drilling plans in Dorking.

Keith, who visited the site and met with campaigners last month, said:

“I take my hat off to the campaigners from all walks of life, from all political backgrounds and from none, who are coming together to oppose the destructive plans to drill in one of Surrey’s finest areas of outstanding natural beauty. More power to your to your elbow.

This is something that needs to be opposed. We must defend our heritage and protect our future.

What we have in Leith Hill, is a proposal for a type of fossil fuel extraction that, according to experts, could have the same damaging impacts as fracking.

And the truth is that we can’t develop any new fossil fuel reserves or push ahead with fracking and hope to keep to the upper 2C limit for global average temperatures rises agreed in the Paris climate accord. Unless we take fast and decisive action to halt the use of Britain’s current fossil fuel stores, the more ambitious 1.5C limit is already beyond our reach.

The UK has enormous renewable energy potential – and we have seen evidence that people in Surrey and across the South East have the passion, willingness, and know-how to create clean, people-powered energy in spite of the Government’s onslaught.

The extraction of oil at Leith Hill not only risks damaging our local environment and health, it is a distraction from the work that must be done to build a sustainable future based on a clean, democratic energy system.”

The walk is being organised by mum and baby group Surrey Hills Slings and supported by A Voice for Leith Hill, Leith Hill Action Group, and the Leith Hill Protection Camp.

The Leith Hill Celebration Walk will consist of a range of walks aimed at all abilities before all groups meet by Leith Hill Tower between 10.30 and 14:00 on Saturday, December 3.