Health warning as South East experiences ‘high’ air pollution episode

Keith Taylor, MEP for the South East, is warning residents to take extra precautions as air quality indicators show high levels of air pollution in West Sussex. Moderate levels are also being recorded in Kent, Eastbourne, and Hampshire.

Keith, a vocal air quality campaigner, said:

“These high levels of pollution highlight just how serious a threat bad air is to our health. Air pollution causes serious heart and lung problems and is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths every year in the UK.

Episodes like this often have a number of contributing factors, but what is clear is that towns and cities across South East England need to reduce the level of air pollution in their streets. To do that we need to reduce the amount of traffic on the roads and bring in cleaner alternative transport options.

It is vital that air pollution is high on the Government’s agenda. Minster’s must make a firm commitment to maintaining and strengthening vital EU air quality laws. Leaving the EU cannot be allowed to become a cover under which the government abdicates its responsibility for this public health emergency.”

For health advice during periods of elevated air pollution please check UK-Air.