Green MEP backs commuters in #SouthernFail protest march

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for South East England, is backing commuters who are set to stage a ‘Passenger Protest‘ against Southern Rail on Thursday 15, December.

The demonstration, organised by the Association of British Commuters, will see protesters march from London Victoria to the Department of Transport where they will hand a letter to the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, asking for his resignation.

Passengers are calling for Mr. Grayling resignation on the grounds that he has failed to intervene urgently and transparently in the ongoing industrial dispute, refused to launch an independent public inquiry, and avoided answering their questions.

Keith, a former Brighton Councillor and a member of the European Parliament’s Transport committee, said:

“I am extending my support to the Association of British Commuters’ demonstration tomorrow because it is time that the passengers who have been completely abandoned by the government reclaimed their voice. The Transport Secretary must directly address their concerns. If he is isn’t willing to intervene to end the ongoing misery of thousands of commuters, then I will be joining countless others in calling on Theresa May to remove him from his post.”

“The line between Brighton and London is one of the busiest commuter lines in the country – the ongoing disruption on the route has been as epic as it has been unacceptable. Commuters and passengers alike have endured months of dangerous overcrowding, delays, and cancellations driven by staff shortages and followed by a series of strikes by conductors and now drivers over safety.”

“Integrated, efficient and sustainable public transport systems are essential to the economy and the lives of people using them. This latest Southern rail debacle is yet another example of the government’s unsustainable approach to transport which places profit before people and which has created a costly, wasteful and unreliable system. The utterly incompetent Govia Thameslink should be stripped of its franchise immediately; it’s time to return this vital public service to the public.”

“I demand that the government starts taking this issue seriously, lives and careers are being ruined.”

As the Green MEP for the South East, Keith campaigns for integrated, efficient, sustainable and affordable public transport systems. In the European Parliament, Keith takes a lead on developing the South East’s huge potential for sustainable transport.