MEPs vote to end EU bullfighting subsidies as Greens Animal Spokesperson handed animal welfare award

Keith Taylor, the Green Party’s Animals Spokesperson, joined a majority of MEPs in voting to end EU subsidies being used to raise bulls for bullfighting.

In Strasbourg, on Wednesday 30 May, the European Parliament voted on the future of food and farming in EU. During the votes, MEPs supported, 358 to 291, an amendment demanding the end of the controversial Common Agricultural Policy bullfighting subsidy.

Mr Taylor, a member of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee and Animal Welfare Intergroup, said:

“The vote is just the latest example of what the Greens have said all along: the EU isn’t perfect but we are fighting and winning on reform. It is by working together across borders that we can do the most good for the most animals in Europe.”

“Bull-fighting is an outdated and barbaric industry; this vote to remove EU funding should, hopefully, see it collapse entirely.”

The vote also coincided with the Green Party’s Animals Spokesperson being awarded ‘Parliamentarian of the Month,’ alongside the rest of the Animal Welfare Intergroup, for his work to promote a global ban on cosmetics testing on animals.

The accolade was awarded by the animal welfare campaign group Cruelty Free International.

In response, Keith said:

“I’m delighted to receive this award for the support Greens and animal welfare advocates in the European Parliament have mobilised behind Cruelty Free International’s campaign for a global ban on cosmetics testing on animals.”

“A global ban will ensure cosmetics companies stop animal testing, and although companies could do that now – and some have already stopped – we know from experience that laws are needed to push bigger companies to do the right thing. A global ban would mean there is no advantage for companies wanting to test on animals: they can all stop together.”

“I want to see the EU promote the global ban at the UN. The EU has led the way on ending cosmetics animal testing: we need to continue that work by making the ban global.”

Mr. Taylor added that he was disappointed the UK Government had not committed to the campaign. He continued:

“Greens called on the UK Government to back the campaign earlier this year. The disappointing response, in true Tory-style, was full of warm words, recognising the EU’s leading role in pushing for positive animal welfare action, but stopped far short of supporting the campaign to put an end to this cruelty worldwide.”