Green MEP blasts Tory MPs across the South East for ‘voting against the sovereignty of Parliament’

Keith Taylor, Green Party MEP for the South East, has accused Conservative MPs across the South East of ‘bartering away the sovereignty of Parliament’ for the sake of the Government’s survival.

The Government blocked a key Lords amendment on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill on Tuesday which would have given Parliament a “meaningful vote” on Brexit.

Only two Conservative MPs, Anna Soubry and Kenneth Clarke, rebelled against their Party. Five Labour MPs voted with the Government.

Of the 83 MPs representing the South East of England region, 71 of 72 Conservatives voted to remove the Lords’ amendment. The former Justice Minister Phillip Lee, the MP for Bracknell, who resigned on the day of the vote in protest against the Government’s Brexit policy abstained.

The region’s Labour and Green MPs voted in favour of the amendment. Half of the South East’s Lib Dem MPs also voted in favour.

Of the South East MPs representing constituencies that backed Remain in the EU referendum, six voted in favour of the amendment (four Labour, one Lib Dem, one Green) and 22 voted to remove it (all Conservative).

Responding to the results, Mr Taylor, who penned a cross-party letter with his Lib Dem colleague Catherine Bearder calling on MPs in Remain-supporting seats to back the Lords’ amendments, said:

“It’s astonishing that Conservative MPs have just voted to relinquish the sovereignty of Parliament, based on the flimsy assurances and hollow promises of a Prime Minister that is the main architect of the shambles we now find ourselves in.”

“I wrote to MPs across South East to remind them that Brexit is about the future of Britain and the well-being and prosperity of their Remain-supporting constituents and all the people of Britain, rather than petty party politics. Sadly, not one Conservative MP heeded the call.”

“Instead, we have Tory MPs only too ready to blindly hand the Government a free pass to continue pursuing an evidence-free, ideology-heavy Brexit shambles that will, even by the Government’s own analysis, have devastating effects on the South East.”

“It’s alarming that so many MPs are prepared to barter away our future for the sake of their own careers their┬áparty’s survival.”