About the Green Party

The Green Party of England and Wales promotes the policies of ecological sustainability, a fairer more stable economy, a more equal society, social justice and a higher standard of democracy and accountability of politicians to the communities they serve.

The Green Party has representatives at all levels of government. After the local elections of 2011, the Green Party of England and Wales held 130 seats on 43 Principal Authorities (county, city, borough and district), over three times that of a decade ago.The first Greens on the London Assembly were elected in 2000, and in recent years Darren Johnson AM has held the post of chair of the Assembly and Jenny Jones AM has been deputy mayor of London.

The first UK Greens in the European Parliament were elected in 1999 and re-elected with increased vote-shares in 2004 and 2009. At the last elections in 2009 the Green Party’s share of the vote in the UK was up by about 40% compared with the previous Euro-election, and the UK Greens narrowly missed trebling their number of MEP seats from 2 to 6. Party leader Caroline Lucas became the first Green MP in the 2010 general election.

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